Moulding Magic

If you’ve ever added moulding to a room, you know two things for sure. First, there are corners to deal with. Second, it’s a pain to deal with those corners! Not anymore. We’ve got two different ways for you to forget about mitering headaches and hassles.

Start by throwing away your miter box. Stick with straight moulding cuts when you use our corner and plinth blocks. Simply install these pieces in the corners of windows and doorways. Then bring your straight cut pieces right to them. Simple, but by no means boring.

We offer a wide variety of decorative block pieces. These are so outstanding in design that we actually call them Fashion Blocks. You’ll find whimsical and basket weave impressions plus rondele and Celtic designs. You’ll like these so much you’ll want to use them in other areas throughout your home, such as corner pieces on picture frames and mirrors!

If your moulding project has you looking up above your doors and windows, then think crown moulding connectors.

Available for inside and outside crown corners, these decorative pieces give you a reason to celebrate. Again, straight cuts of mouldings can be installed right up to these pieces, making it fast and easy to add design style to any room in the home.

When you’re ready to tackle your next moulding project, make some magic. Our wide variety of miterless accent pieces add decorative appeal without causing you to break a sweat.