Trendy New Two-Tone Mouldings Easy Way to Add Glamour to Room Interiors

Go for the gold… or the silver… with fashionable Haute 2-in-1 Moulding from Ornamental Moulding & Millwork. The innovative new decorative mouldings provide the opportunity for you to install two-tone crown, baseboard and chair rail mouldings in any room of your home.

Available with either a gold rope or silver pyramid removable wood insert, the mouldings come primed and ready to paint.

“Homeowners can add an upscale interior design statement to any room with these elegant mouldings,” says Keith Early, vice president of marketing and new product development at Ornamental Moulding & Millwork. “This is an easy, on-trend DIY project that can have stand-out results.”

Haute 2-in-1 with Gold Rope |  1328 Crown ,  1329 Base ,  1330 Chair Rail ,  41Trim

Haute 2-in-1 with Gold Rope | 1328 Crown, 1329 Base, 1330 Chair Rail, 41Trim

DIY Easy

To add the Haute 2-in-1 Moulding start by removing the gold or silver insert that comes with the moulding. Then paint the primed moulding profile in whatever color you desire to match your décor. Once the moulding is dry, install it. Finally, use a construction adhesive to fasten the prefinished gold or silver trim insert into the moulding and you’re finished!

Whether used as a ceiling accent in a bedroom, a custom wall design in a dining room, or to create an attention-grabbing baseboard in a living room, the Haute 2-in-1 Moulding products are a fast and easy way to add a touch of high fashion to the home. The whitewood crown, chair rail and baseboard mouldings all come primed and ready for paint. The pre-finished gold and silver accent trim easily installs with construction adhesive.

“Ideas are endless for using these two-toned mouldings,” says Early. “The silver pyramid insert style can highlight stainless steel appliances in a kitchen along with lighting fixtures throughout the home. And, the gold rope insert style adds warmth and elegance to living areas with brass and bronze cabinetry hardware, lamps and mirror or picture frames.”

Available nationwide through Lowe’s, Haute 2-in-1 Moulding products are Made in America.